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Be Part of the Cure...

Start Your Own Fundraising Page!

Register and create your page to raise awareness & funds to Cure Alpha-1.

Are you running a marathon or biking in a race? Set up a fundraising page. You can also celebrate a birthday or anniversary, honor a loved one or raise funds in a special person's memory.

1. Sign Up
Click on the "Start Your Own Page" button above to register online.

2. Create Your Online Fundraising Page
You will automatically get a fully customizable, personal fundraising page where you can collect donations. You can link this page to your Facebook page to make collecting donations easier than ever.

3. Spread the Word
Then you can send emails to your friends and family through your E-mail Center. The emails will provide a direct link to your personal fundraising page where your friends and family can make a donation on your behalf. We've even written some sample emails to help get you started!
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